First step to a comfortable future

As private pension specialists, we know there are pensions that are just not working and affecting people’s retirement plans. Many regularly pay into their pension without knowing how much it will be worth or even if it will deliver a comfortable retirement.

Our no-obligation Pension HealthCheck is the first step to ensuring that your pension is performing and will allow you to make the most of your retirement. Our experienced and fully qualified Independent Financial Advisers will analyse your existing pension provision, check it’s performance and whether currently, you are paying excessive fees.

Once we’ve carried out your no obligation Pension HealthCheck, we will tell you if your pension is working as hard as it should or whether there are alternative policies that are better suited to your circumstances.

Here's how it works

Get in touch with us 1

All we need is the name of your pension provider to get started. We will then undertake a HealthCheck of your existing Pension to ensure it is performing and find any excessive or hidden costs you may be paying.

We'll assess your pension options 2

We'll then use our specialist understanding of the pensions marketplace to assess your pension options. It could well be that there's a better pension policy for your investments and your retirement goals, so we'll search all providers including the biggest and best-known in the UK.

Advice you can rely on 3

Your dedicated Independent Financial Adviser will assess the responses from your current provider, compare them against the market and will give you expert advice and recommendations about your options.

Make your own decision 4

If you choose to move or make adjustments to your pension arrangements, we can take care of everything for you. It is as simple as that. If your pension is in good health as it is, then we'll tell you, and it will cost you absolutely nothing to have that peace of mind.

How much could you be losing?

Simply moving to a policy with lower fees, your pension could grow by:


Figures based on a pension fund value of:


*Figures based on comparisons between pension policies charging 0.5%, 1% or 2% annual provider charges. Pension fund value assumed 5% annual growth. Based on a £70,000 pension fund and example client being 40 years old and retirement at 65 years. Graph is for illustration purposes only. Please note investments can go down as well as up.

On-going pension advice

To know that your pension is in the right place and performing well is one of the reasons why our clients initially contact us for a Pension HealthCheck.

Once you’ve been through a Pension HealthCheck, our on-going private pension advice service is the perfect way to make sure your pension is performing year on year.

We will undertake an on-going analysis of your pension to find out if anything has changed in your circumstances, making sure your outlook still meets your financial goals and evaluate any changes to your current pension policy.

We work with the whole of the market including the biggest pension providers across the UK