Are you between 45 and 55 years old?

As your career progresses you may start thinking about your retirement future. Whether you need funds to help your children onto the property ladder - or that once-in-a-lifetime round the world cruise you've always wanted - now is the ideal time to review what pension provisions you have in place. By perfecting your Pension's performance, you could extend the life of your Pension by up to seven years*.

Key considerations at this life stage


Have you considered your retirement lifestyle? Or when you actually want to retire? If you know when and how you want to spend your time, you’ll need to make sure that your Pension fund will cover those demands. It's not too late at all to review your funds and make any necessary adjustments.



In the years since you first took out your pension policy(s), your attitude to risk may have changed. As you get closer to retirement, you may be looking to secure your pension funds. Completing a review, with a new attitude to risk interview may well help you achieve these goals.


Throughout your career, you may have moved jobs and started Pension funds with your new employers. These pension policies may be relatively small in value - but reviewing their performance may reap higher rewards and make them easier to keep track and monitor in the future.

How can Pension Works help you?

Pension Works are Independent Financial Advisers and will review the whole of the pension market including the biggest and most well-known providers to find the most suitable policy for you - even if that is your current policy for no charge.


Whilst reviewing your current lifestyle and retirement goals, Pension Works may highlight changes to be considered to ensure your lifestyle and money invested is suitable and performing for your future.

At Pension Works, we believe in making pensions easier to understand, and giving you the tools to make informed decisions about your retirement. Our full Pension HealthCheck is entirely without obligation. It’s entirely up to you how you wish to move forward.

What life stage you're at matters

As you progress through your working career, your life stage can have a profound effect on your future retirement and pension provision.

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